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Data Recovery When Hard Drives Crash - Advanced Data Recovery provides nationwide data recovery service with offices in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas. San Antonio data recovery by Advanced Data Recovery: Hard drive, laptop, desktop, USB, external hard drive recovery and RAID data recovery Services. Data Recovery San Antonio recovers data from all RAID configurations, hard drives, servers, laptops, external hard drives and USB flash drives. Local service in Texas If you have a failed network attached storage or NAS or even work with SAN, when recover data on computers, we recover data on laptops, we recover data on desktops, we can fix memory cards or recovery flash drives, especially USB flash drives, and offer expertise is wireless networks, data recover on network systems, DVD recovery or movie transfer. We also work with videos, cameras, and camcorders. We are Data Recovery Specialists offering: Computer Disaster Recovery,Hard Drive Crash Data Retrieval, RAID Server Recovery, File Recovery / Recover Lost Data, Data Recovery from Laptop Catastrophes. Advanced Data Recovery works on all platforms and systems including: Windows O/S, Macintosh O/S, Unix, Linux, Laptops, Desktops, PC, Apache Server, Linux Server, Microsoft Server
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In business, government and military, our computers hold files that can mean thousands of dollars if lost. Even with all back up precautions taken, there is always that chance some catastrophe will unexpectedly kill your hard drive(s) or server and trap your important data. Don't stress over it! Contact Advanced Data Recovery and we will get your files back! We understand the value of your data and we offer peace of mind in your time of crisis. Advanced Data Recovery provides hard drive data recovery when crisis occurs:

Surges and Electrical Failures • Hard Drive Crashes • Laptop Catastrophes • Computer Viruses
Accidental Murphy Failures • Sabotage • Mechanical Failure and other Disasters • Floods

Advanced Data Recovery provides International service with offices in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas. Call any one of our offices and one of our highly skilled technicians will analyze with you the events leading to your data loss and determine your initial data recovery options. When you send your magnetic media to ADR an Engineer is assigned to your project. All phones are staffed by technicians 24/7!

We offer an extensive evaluation and a firm price for the data recovery, based on the specific problems of your media.

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